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365 days /24 hours

Services provided 365 days a year / 24 hours a day.

Comfortable, cozy and luxurious

In our home located at a pleasant natural environment, we offer all customers the highest quality services, much like in a high-class hotel. All rooms are equipped according to the highest world standards with top-grade quality equipment and furniture and meals are prepared in a modern state-of-the-art kitchen where the menu is synchronized with the needs of all the users as well as the suggestions of specialized nutritionists. In hot summer days, users can use the spacious swimming pool located in the yard along with all the props which follow. Medical care and assistance is available to all our tenants on a daily basis and professional, specialized and friendly staff takes care of your health 24 hours a day. As part of a basic care package, tenants can use the services of hairdressers, masseurs, pedicures.

Our services include a combination of luxury equipment, a functional and comfortable space, residence in a healthy environment, designed entertainment and cultural content, an exceptional level of hygiene and health care providence, unobtrusive staff supervision, care, attention, and adequate service for all users of our home. A peaceful and family-like place where harmony, positive atmosphere and good energy are essential are the main advantages of our home, where service and care at the highest level are guaranteed.

Health comes first

The home is provided with top-notch modern medical equipment. It also includes transportation in cases of emergency interventions that go beyond our capabilities. With this in mind we have concluded agreements on the basis of business and technical cooperation with local and national health care institutions.

The medical ward for bedridden users is organized in three group rooms with three beds each and in three single rooms with the possibility of an extra bed, added based on the patient’s own requests and affinities.

Around the building is an internal road of a circular direction of movement, paved and adapted for the walking of persons with reduced mobility, approximately 250m long. We also provide organized arrival or departure of a doctor specialist.

Full-time doctor, senior nurses, physiotherapist, nurses and caregivers are all present.

  • Physical exercises
  • Whirlpool tub
  • Individual work with an instructor

Exercises and rehabilitation

Users, if they wish so themselves or at the suggestion of a doctor, can exercise independently or with a trained physiotherapist. The usage of hydromassages is also available as well as the usage of hydromassage bathtubs.

  • Three meals and two snacks on a daily basis
  • In according with the HACCP standard
  • Serving in an ambience of choice

Hairdresser, manicure, pedicure

Additional services are regulated by contracts with other institutions as well as with legal entities. A hairdresser, beautician or manicure can be called upon at the request. A contract with the laboratory (agreed minimum prices for tenants of the White Bees home) is also established.

  • Hairdresser
  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • Hygiene in the service of health
  • Air ionizers
  • Free hygiene products
  • Caregivers’ assistance

Neat and clean

The institution provides a high level of hygiene as well as basic accessories and means for personal hygiene maintainance to each and every user. The towels are changed daily, whereas the bed linen is changed twice every week or more often if needed. Regular cleaning of rooms and common areas is of course understood and assistance to less mobile tenants in maintaining their daily and general personal hygiene is provided. All installed materials and furniture are designed to provide absolute hygienic protection, and the ventilation system allows for a constant flowof fresh air. Our motto is "it is never too clean".

Joint excursions

In addition to regular weekly excursions in the immediate vicinity, the White Bees organizes a monthly trip in accordance with the "Encounter Serbia" program. Along with socializing and entertainment, the goal of the trip is to encounter all the beautiful sights of our country, visit monasteries, spas, nature parks, lakes and rivers as well as various historical places, which are a testimony of our rich history.

  • Socializing all over Serbia
  • Traveling every month
  • Lakes, monasteries, historical monuments
  • Create your own trip

Necessary paperwork needed for admission:

  • Identity card (ID) of the future user (or a photocopy of it)
  • User's health card (or a photocopy of it)
  • Birth or marriage certificate, of any age (can be submitted later)
  • Photocopy of a relative's ID card
  • Medical documentation of the user

Accommodation prices:

The prices of accommodation depend on the health condition of the user and the type of room or apartment in which he is accommodated. Contact us for more information. The price includes:

  • 24-hour assistance provided by nurses and caretakers as well as medical care
  • Maintenance of users’ personal hygiene with cosmetic care and hairdressing services
  • Sessions with a social worker and andragogue, organizing social activities, fieldtrips and birthdays
  • Nutriments in the form of 5 daily meals prepared in our professional kitchen
  • Exercises with a physiotherapist 5 days a week
  • Daily examinations performed by facility doctor

* Unless the previously stated has not been defined by a special contract.