White Bees - A home for friends

On the outskirts of Belgrade, just below the peak of mount Avala and surrounded by magnificent nature and clean air lies a home named WHITE BEES, a place which provides pleasant accommodations and the upmost care for the elderly who have decided to retire into a natural, comfortable and luxurious environment along with constant attention and health care provided by doctors, medical workers and caregivers. VIDEO...

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Choose your room

Choose a view, room size and the ambience of your new home. You can choose an apartment with a view of Avala or if you prefer you can choose one with a view of Kosmaj.
If you are coming with a spouse you can adjust your living space to your own habits.
Call us to make the arrangements. Book your room with one click here.
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Take a look around your new home

Located on the southern slopes of Avala, with a beautiful view that reaches all the way to Kosmaj, near a dense forest, your new home provides you with everything you need for relaxation and a life as you deserve ...